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Nutrition Education

WIC staff includes registered dietitians, degreed nutritionists, trained nutrition counselors, and breastfeeding specialists to support your health through positive nutritional practices.


Individual Counseling

At least twice a year you will receive one-on-one information about healthy eating, lifestyle changes, and breastfeeding support.

Classes offered for pregnant women:

  • Breastfeed me!: Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and different positions for a successful breastfeeding experience.

  • Lets Talk - Newborn Feeding Secrets: Learn about newborn sleeping patterns, reasons for crying and how to respond to their needs.

Classes offered for new parents:

  • Understanding your baby cues: Learn to recognize and respond to cues for hunger, fullness, when the baby wants to be near you and if baby wants something to be different.

  • Is it too soon for solids?: Learn the signs that show when babies are ready to start baby foods and the risk of offering solids too early?   

Group and individual classes:

Every 3 months we have a new class on a topic of interest to parents. Below are some examples of previous topics:

  • How to talk to doctors

  • Outsmarting the grocery store

  • Party workshop

  • Cooking methods

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Online Nutrition Classes

If you are unable to come into a class at the WIC office, you may complete a class online.  Classes can be completed on any computer, tablet or phone with internet access. To complete an online class click on "WIC HEALTH" and follow the instructions below.
1. Click on the "WIC HEALTH" button
2. Create an 
account and set up your profile using your family ID  

  • The Agency is: Merced County Community Action Agency

  • Site: Please use the site where you normally do your appointments
    3. Choose a lesson from one of the 9 categories in English or Spanish
    4. Complete the lesson and short survey
    5. Completed lessons are automatically sent to WIC for proof of completion (no need to print anything)

Online Educational Material

Click on any one of the below tabs to be redirected to online educational resources that can help to improve the overall health and wellbeing of you and your family.

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Women's Health

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Infants and Children

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Healthy Lifestyles

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