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Merced County Breastfeeding Café Support Group

This group offers virtual support through the private Facebook Group below, and in-person support for anyone in Merced County and nearby counties.

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Click on this flyer for directions on finding each location


Below are testimonials from our incredible support group members

  • This group has been very helpful in times of stress and fear. Breastfeeding is so challenging with little to no support given to parents. I recommend this group to all of my patients and parents to be. Thank you for all that you do for our community"

  • "It is so nice having a community to ask all my questions about breastfeeding. They always provide quality and empathetic advice. This group is just amazingly supportive!!"

  • "I was new to breastfeeding with my second son & they gave me advice on different positions to feed & help with latching. Leaking advice too! I got to hear some personal stories that made me not feel alone. I just weaned my son at 2 1/2 years old and I would like to thank these ladies for all their help. I don’t think I could’ve done it without them."

  • "This group changed mine and my family for the BEST. I will never be able to say thank you enough. The knowledge, love and support is a true blessing. The friendly open smiles, the on going support from newborn to toddlers and more. This group taught me how to pump and reminded me daily that I am/was doing everything for our child. This group treasured me what I was experiencing was normal and part of a beautiful journey. I will never be able to truly say thank you for this group."

  • "I struggled with weight gain for my son and with the help from [the group] they got me through it and her I am 6 months later so on my second breastfeeding journey with no end in sight!! They have been there to listen to my struggles and help me through them! I am for ever grateful for this group and wish I would have taken more advantage of this group with my first journey! They helped me with latching issues learning how to use the SNS feeder to help also get my supply up to make what I need for my son!"

  • "I experienced postpartum depression and struggled with breastfeeding when my baby was just a week old. I felt overwhelmed and unsure of how to cope. However, upon joining the support group, I felt warmly welcomed. Now, my baby is 5 months old, and I eagerly anticipate our weekly meetings. The group has been incredibly supportive, enabling me to breastfeed and form a strong bond with my baby."

  • "As a first time mother going to work they gave me so much information on how to properly pump. They sized me for the correct flange size. They also gave me plenty of resources to review my rights to pump at work. I was able to go back to work confident knowing I can pump, I knew my rights and I had a group that supported me."

  • "I’m just so thankful the breastfeeding café is here once a week. I know that if I have any questions or concerns, there’s someone who can help my baby & I continue this breastfeeding journey."

  • "The Breastfeeding Café is an incredibly valuable resource for Merced mothers. The in person café provides knowledge and support that means the difference between a mother and baby succeeding to breastfeed or not. The staff are knowledgeable, kind and caring. More than just providing information the also provide support and community. The online group is also an amazing resource. It also for speedy responses which is so valuable to a worried mom. I have learned so much about breastfeeding from this group and I feel more confident as a mother because of it."

  • "This group is amazing and super helpful. The support is much needed especially for new moms."

  • "The breastfeeding café is such a wonderful community resource! The peer counselors helped me with numerous aspects of caring for my baby, such as making sure my baby was latching well, showing me how to bottle feed my baby, answering my questions about pumping, and giving me tips for baby wearing. Their kind, caring, support was invaluable when I didn’t have many other options for guidance."

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